The Girl Behind The Blog


Hi! I’m the girl with three names and what you call me depends on the circumstance we’ve met. Friends call me Intan, though. I was born and brought up in a little sunny island called Singapore, now living in the middle eastern desert of Qatar.

I’m a pretty ordinary girl. Like many others I love to read, scroll through countless food reviews, indulge in a TV series or two on Netflix on my day off and try not to be a disaster in the kitchen, while whipping up lunch. I’m not going to pretend this is a healthy lifestyle blog because it definitely isn’t. I eat my veggies, but not qualified enough to be one of those cool, green hipster bloggers I read about. I currently don’t own a fancy camera, depending heavily on my iPhone 7 plus and VSCO, therefore I wouldn’t call myself a photographer.

What’s a tiny bit extraordinary about this exceptionally ordinary girl is having a job that allows me to discover a new destination every other week. From Seychelles to Cape Town to New York, wherever the plane goes, that’s where I’ll be.

So many destinations, so many pictures and so many stories to share… too little space in my memory. I want to keep a journal of the places I’ve visited and the cool things I’ve done so one day I can look back and say, “Did I really do all these things and actually survived them?” *Gives pats on own back*

Zanzibar, Tanzania

This blog also gives me the opportunity to share my stories with my beloved family and friends spread across the globe. No matter how far we may be from one another, we’ll remain connected through words on a screen.

I’ve kept a blog for many, many years prior but due to some unforeseen circumstances years of hard work and archive had been wiped away. I am heartbroken for all that I’ve lost, but excited at the prospect of starting afresh.

While I do my best to recover some of my memories lost in cyberspace, enjoy the fresh weekly offerings of new destinations, food and drinks and cool places off the beaten path!

Thank you for visiting Syfnz Says! ♥